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We are passionate about the projects we develop. For the way we started them (through the voluntary appointment of a sponsor who lives and breathes each project and who has to defend it to be able to capture the internal and external resources necessary for its realization), for the way we develop them (with the continuous internal communication of everything that is happening and the constant availability to give and receive help between projects), and the way we completed them (not being satisfied with good products, but always aiming for excellent products). At Techframe, excellence is not a concept, it is a concern present in all meetings, in all functions, in all products.


We never stay for long in the comfort zone. One of our most basic philosophies is the dissatisfaction in accepting business as usual, which translates into a constant search for new technologies, new ways of acting, new business models, new solutions, as disruptive as we can imagine and that are focused to obtain results for our customers, because our success depends on their success.


At Techframe, we don't say that people are our most precious resource. At Techframe we act accordingly. Whether through training, a good work environment, a professional but relaxed management philosophy, flexible hours or professional development, people are really the resource to which we channel our greatest attention. We believe in our team, and we are convinced that the team believes in the company. Only in this way, in a symbiosis where all sides win, we can sustain the growth we have had and obtain the excellence that we hope to continue to achieve.