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The past speaks for itself. Techframe was born in March 2000, having started its activities in January 2001, with the objective of developing information systems, for niche markets with high growth potential, using methodologies and revolutionary practices to date, and which are still at the forefront of technology. We were the first company in Portugal to advocate the use of SQL databases to support Executive Information Systems and one of the first to provide an internal email system for large companies, with feedback information on emails sent. For almost 20 years, we have added world class products to our portfolio, striving for innovation and disruption.


The present is comfortable. After working in several business areas, always with great success, and at the time we were preparing for internationalization, we concentrated all our efforts on a system, and data services, aimed at the Intellectual Property sector, which supported the company's growth, the entry of a venture capital company (Portugal Ventures) in the shareholder structure and its internationalization to three continents. More recently, and after the recovery of the dispersed social capital, Techframe diversified its operations in three major sectors, and currently has facilities in three locations and strategic partnerships, enabling its direct presence in three continents.


The future is brilliant. The consolidation and development effort of the last few years has enabled the diversification of sectors of activity, and the alignment of a set of products with release dates distributed over the next three years, reinforced with the acceptance of the application, of almost one million euros to Portugal 2020, for a Research and Development project, and with the establishment of a partnership with a Spanish associate, which will expand the company's internationalization and sustained growth. At the same time, the increase in the investment in internal research, enabled the acquisition of know-how and the strengthening of the team in the area of ​​the identification of graphic and textual patterns for industrial property systems, in the area of ​​modeling and animation for the entertainment industry, in the area of ​​artificial intelligence for the information systems industry and in the area of ​​virtual and augmented reality for the digital games industry.