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All Information systems, aimed at the Tertiary, Secondary and Primary economic sectors, can be found in this area. With the development of information systems and services for stakeholders in the intellectual property sector, the collaborative management of teams of all types and sizes, and advanced algorithms for graphic and textual research, we are present in companies across Europe, in offices in the heart of Luanda, and in the skyscrapers of Macau.

Intellectual Property

The family of products and services Techframe´s Darwin and Techframe's Huxley, provide systems and services for the integrated management of offices of agents and lawyers of trademarks and patents and companies from all sectors that need to manage their own portfolios of intellectual property rights. With a presence in the market for over 20 years and market shares in some countries above 80%, these systems manage all the activity of the companies that use them, with a special emphasis on the technical management of IP rights, analysis and business performance indicators, automatically integrating the information published daily by the national, regional and international institutes relevant in each case and facilitating communication and the exchange and sharing of information between all actors in the sector - agents, lawyers, inventors, applicants, translators, revierws, marketters, official organizations, etc. Available to install on a client-server or cloud, it is prepared to accommodate integration with any other existing system, for example, human resources management or accounting, integrating an interaction portal for providing information to customers.

These systems integrate information from the International Industrial Property Organization (WIPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Organization (EUIPO) and the National Institutes of Portugal, Spain, Macau, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and S. Tomé and Principe, list that we are working to increase.

In addition, dozens of services are available for professionals in the area, including the services of Surveillance, Incidences, Textual and Graphic Viability, Proceedings with Opposition, Patents with intention of Validation, Proceedings without an Agent, and Consulting Services for Law Firms with identification of business lost by crossing with other internal areas.

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Graphical Search Engine

Supported by a Portugal 2020 R&D grant, we are developing a graphic search system, applied to the intellectual property sector. This system uses the most advanced technologies of database image search and retrieval, and artificial intelligence and automatic learning algorithms to give results that allow the provision of watch services and trademark viability registration searches without any human intervention. Availability scheduled for March 2022.

You can acess the full DarwinGSE - Darwin Graphical Search Engine project file here.

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Collaborative Management

We are currently developing a system for collaborative team management, internally nicknamed PTM, which allows the integration of Global Project Management Control, Messaging, Document Sharing and Indexing, Simultaneous Editing and Cooperative Brainstorming. Currently in the pre-test phase, it is an online system with three levels of security, multiplatform, aimed at large teams in permanent cooperation. It integrates a Social Content Manager system, highly specialized for the creation of digital marketing campaigns, with the dissemination of content to social networks, with metrics of return and impact assessment.

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